Uber Driver’s Taxes

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Filing Uber Driver’s Taxes Is Not As Easy As You Think


As a Uber Driver, you are technically Self-Employed or an Independent Contractor. Under California Laws (AB5) known as the gig workers law, employers are to classify you as an employee. Nevertheless, if you received a 1099-K or 1099-MISC or a 1099-NEC, the IRS  will classify you as self-employed. Meaning you would have to prepare your tax return showing your business Income (1099) and Business Expenses.  Schedule C is the form the IRS require.

So you say to yourself this is easy, RIGHT? Uber have provided me with a  annual statement that tell me my monthly income, mileage drove, etc. etc. etc. This sounds good. Nope. The record is incomplete. You need to come up with your expenses for the year.

Turbotax tells you it easy, sign up and do your taxes yourself. Get Expert help. That also sounds good also?
Here is why you should not DIY IT YOURSELF. You need to speak with the Tax Expert to guide you as to what expenses are deductible for the year. A Tax Practitioner will also need you to records or documents that make up the expenses .

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